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Building your business on the web is an intricate operation needing the application of a wide array of skills.
You need the business skills of:
1) Business model conceptualization   3) Artistic skills of design and layout
2) Business model testing and feasibility study   4) Language skills of copy and content writing
3) User interface (UI) navigation simplicity   5) Technical skills of programming and scripting.
MEDIA_KUDOS DESIGN will be able to do this for you!!!

Feel free to review some examples of various client websites that we have created. Note that each site is unique and will vary in its design and layout based upon specific client requests and an overall presentation allowance.

Every design is custom created and geared towards the client's vision.
We do not use cookie-cutter templates and run-of-the-mill site layouts.

Media_Kudos Design: Website Examples
On-Site Systems Inc.
Architect Landscape Lighting
Renaissance Builders LLC
STG International
Mike Hiratzka - Music Engineer
SurfSide Shutters - Hurricane Shutters
Video Verification
Central Florida JDRF
My MasterCard Gift Cards
Leaping Technologies
Lyons Construction
OnLine Athlete
InterCept Inc.
PROPRIETARY ORGANIZATIONS ~ Sites cannot be accessed due to corporate firewall.
InFoShare 2005
SBS Data Services
InterCept Check 21
InterCept ENVISION Forum
Fidelity 2004 User Conference
Fidelity FIS Client Support

Media_Kudos Design: Logo/Branding Examples
Leaping Technologies Logo
Advanced Pool Leak Logo
Lyons Construction Logo
InFoShare 2005 Logo
Renaissance Builders LLC Logo Logo
AtHome Server Logo
A&M Dog Walking Services Logo
InterCept Ancilary Banking Systems Logos
The Loan Mod Alliance Logo
Architect Landscape Lighting Logo
Power Brew Coffe Maker Logo

Media_Kudos Design: FLASH Animation Examples
Tube Interactive Demo
On-Site Systems Demo
SurfSide Shutters Demo
Lyons Construction Demo
Miller LITE Ad Demo
Darth Maul Gimic Demo
Banking System Education Demo
Banking System Education Demo Home Page Demo
Mike Hiratzka Website Demo
The original "" website was done completely in FLASH. This site was given many accolades within the Atlanta New Media community.
InFoShare 2005 Presentation Demo
Fidelity FIS InfoShare: 6 MIN. presentation developed for a large banking User Conference. Originally deployed from a laptop and not intended for the web. **expected animation LAG.